Hi! I’m new to blogging so please excuse me if I make a few mistakes. I was recently advised that it was time I had a website of my own (it’s been on the “to do” list for ages) so over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working away at creating one. I can’t pretend to have found it an easy process but after much stress and several blind alleys I’ve finally succeeded in getting a few pages published. I hope you like them and find them informative. Having got this far I intend to go on learning so that I can add more to my website and get it looking exactly as I want it. Don’t hold your breath, but I do hope you visit it again to see the new work I add to my portfolio and for news about what I’m working on.

Best wishes,


PS. I would like to say a huge thank you to my friend Joe Pritchard. Without his help I would not have got beyond registering a domain name. Joe you are a star!

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