Below are a few varied examples of my work

Copy of DSCF4404

 Stained glass window (Private Commission)

DSCF1544Stained glass window (Private Commission)


 Hand raised & patinated copper bowl with stained glass rim

Lily Castles – Hand-formed, pierced, chased and patinated

Small hand-raised bowl, pierced and patinated

Small hand-raised copper paten, chased and silver plated

Small stained glass panel depicting the elements of Holy Communion

DSCF1059 Helen – Iridised glass tray with engraved detail

IMGP2051 Stained glass door & fan light panels (Private Commission)

Stained Glass Window

Designed by Piers Williams & made by Katharine S. Boyd

DSCF4032 Wardian Case (Private Commission)

IMGP5978 Alice – Iridised glass tray

Himalayan Poppy Lamp

DSCF2311 Lily themed stained glass lamp (Private Commission)

DSCF1801 Lily themed stained glass door & fan light panels (Private Commission)

DSCF0417 Holly – Stained glass triangular tray

DSCF0413 Tessa – Stained glass triangular tray

Fleur Range

Fleur Range

Fleur Range

DSCF3765 Squaring the Circle – Stained glass box

Valerie – Iridised Glass Tray

Abstract window based on a flower painting. Designed by Piers Williams & made by Katharine S. Boyd


Lamp “Birdie” Private Commission

Dove Screen Commissioned by St Chad’s Church Sheffield

Communion Elements Chased Panel & Escutcheon for Aumbry at St Mary’s Walkley

Detail of a lamp made from pieces of original Victorian church window glass Exhibition Piece

Decorative Panel – Original painted Victorian glass centre with modern glass surround

Victorian Style Windows – Cottage in Robin Hood’s Bay

Victorian Style Door Panels – Cottage in Robin Hood’s Bay

Pix – Communion Elements – Work in Progress

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